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Carneros Inn + Farm, Napa

dress (last seen here) // hat // sunnies // c/o Dagne Dover tote // mules

The Carneros Inn was probably my favorite estate that we visited while in Napa. It is an incredible blend of rustic charm and luxury chic. The estate features contemporary but quaint little cottages surrounded by gorgeous vineyards on a vast property with all the amenities -- outdoor communal games, spa, pool, and, my favorite part, spectacular restaurants.

The entire estate is beyond charming. Emily and I were particularly enamored with the porch swings at the Boon Fly Cafe. We are both suckers for a good photo op, so this swing on the porch of a vibrant-red, barn-esque building was a dream come true. We must have taken a hundred photos on that swing!

After photographing our hearts out, Emily and I headed over to another restaurant on the property, Farm, for Sunday brunch. This was arguably one of the best meals of my life! Now, Farm is very trendy and quite famous, so I was weary that it would not live up to all the hype.

But, I was dead wrong. Farm is famous for good reason. The menu was sort of tapas style, offering unique creations made from locally grown fruits and veggies. For a set price (which I thought was not overpriced might I add) you select four dishes from the menu. Despite our concerns (and growling stomachs), splitting 4 small dishes proved to be more than enough food between the two of us. We tried the lobster roll, beet and berry salad, blueberry crostata, and the flatbread with figs, caramelized onions, and cheese. Each dish was delicious and we could not pick a favorite. Like I said, best meal of my life!

Sadly this was our last day in Napa and after stuffing our faces we had to drive back to San Fransisco to fly out.

What is your favorite Napa estate? I think next time I visit the region I want to explore Sonoma.

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Domain Carneros & Beringer Winery

dress // bag (similar) // sunnies // shoes (similar)

Juxtaposing our day of hopping from one small boutique winery to another was our day spent at two of the largest and grandest wineries in Napa -- the Domaine Carneros and the Beringer Estate.

Both estates are stunning and well worth a visit (although their tastings and pours are not as generous... just saying). The Domaine Carneros looks like something straight out of the Loire Valley. The stunning and perfectly manicure estate draws a lot of tourists, so be sure to book ahead. Both Emily and I opted for the sparkling wine tasting flight. Because you know my motto, bring on the bubbly! This was probably my favorite tasting of our time in Napa. I love champagne (and rosè), which is exactly what this flight was, but of course they cannot call it that because the Domaine Carneros is not in Champagne, France.

After enjoying some delicious bubbly (and accompanying cheese plate), Emily and I headed north to the historic Beringer estate (you will also want to book ahead). After a guided tour of the estate and history of their wine production, we enjoyed a four-glass tasting paired with four different amuse-bouches to enhance different aspects of each wine. This was by far our most formal and informative tasting. While I was not head-over-heals for any of the wines I tasted, overall it was a very educational experience.

It's the architecture and surrounding grounds of these two wineries that really make them worth seeing. Overall, I enjoyed the wine on our smaller winery tour more (although the bubbles at the Carneros were delish, I just wanted more). Being able to see both sides of the Napa wine industry was great and I am glad we did.

After another long day of sipping wine (life is hard sometimes), we opted for a quick stop at Market (in Saint Helena) for dinner. There we indulged in some good old fashioned comfort food -- mac and cheese and jalapeno corn bread drizzled in honey -- before driving back to our hotel in Napa.

I wore this gorgeous and light weight pink Rebecca Minkoff dress with leopard accents for the day. While the temps were warm, it was a very dry heat, which, for this Florida girl, feels like winter lol. I am obsessed with these leopard flats. Sadly, they are already sold out, but I have linked a similar pair. Pink and leopard has always been one of my favorite combinations.

What is your favorite winery in the Napa Valley? I'd love to hear so I can plan for my next trip!


Exploring Yountville

In addition to fabulous wine, Napa also boasts a lot of picturesque little towns. Take Yountville for example. It is a charming little town surrounded by vines, full of quaint architecture, and brimming with amazing food. In fact, Yountville is considered the culinary capital of The Napa Valley.

While I was expecting great wine in Napa, I wasn't aware that the region was equally famous for food. Yountville is home to several of the country's top-rated restaurants, like the famed The French Laundry, Ad Hoc, and Bottega Napa Valley. Since these are incredibly hard to get into, Emily and I opted for dinner at Solbar, which specializes in fresh, seasonal plates (and it was delish!). If you do want to try to get into these top spots, book early and research the best ways to do so. We were informed that The French Laundry accepts reservations exactly 60 days out and books within 15 minutes of opening reservations! Our wine guide recommended going through your Amex concierge if you have one... which I do not lol.

But before dinner, we spent the day exploring the town. Naturally, our day began with a trip to the famed Bouchon Bakery. There is always a line, but it moves quickly and is worth the wait. There isn't much "to-do" per say in Yountville. It is basically a place you stroll, shop, and eat, which are three things Emily and I just happen to be great at.

I wore this amazing Yumi Kim bell sleeve top, which is fittingly called the wanderlust top. It is so flowy and gorgeous, and comes in several great fall floral patterns. In fact, I loved this top so much, I purchased it in a second pattern (#sorrynotsorry). I paired it with my new favorite skirt for fall, this perfect little A-line corduroy skirt from J.Crew. The final touches were my bright-white accessories, because clearly I don't buy into no white after labor day.

If you are planning a trip to Napa, be sure to add Yountville to your itinerary and definitely indulge in a great dinner while you are there. Also, another tip and something I love about Napa, everyone seemed to always be dressed up. Unless you're planning on hiking, I would skip the spandex and bring your style-a-game to Napa.